Local Ponderosa Pine Top Bar Honey Bee Hive

Planning on hosting honey bees this Spring?  Made from milled Lumber Pine, our Top Bar Beehives are perfect for you and your honey bees! Our Golden Pentagon hives come with 18 (27 for larger hive) finely milled top bars and the 1/2 Hexagon hive has 22-bars.  All of our top bar beehives come complete with a false back, sustainably sourced Redwood roof and glass viewing window (with removable cover).  All hives are painted with Pearl White, non-toxic, milk paint and left unfinished on the inside to ensure happier and healthier honey bees.  Hive stand and honey bees not included.

For more information on Top Bar Beekeeping, visit or watch for more posts on

The 18 Bar Golden Pentagon Top Bar Beehives are $425.00 each and the 1/2 Hexagon Top Bar Beehives are $525.oo each.  We are also happy to now be offering a larger, 27 Bar Golden Pentagon Hive for $625.00 each.

To place an order, please email or contact us.

*Prices do not include shipping.


Chamomile Harvesting Rake

This harvesting tool is great for you gardeners who like to collect german chamomile (or other small flowers & seeds).  This harvesting tool allows you to easily (and quickly!) collect flowers and seeds without having to snip a single stem.  Finished with non-toxic beeswax, carnauba wax & food grade mineral oil.

$60.00 each





Herb Drying Screen

Wanting to dry larger quantities of culinary and medicinal herbs?  If so, we have the perfect drying screens just for you!  Handcrafted from local Ponderosa Pine and organic cotton screen, these drying screens will help you dry out herbs without having to hang a single bundle of oregano, creosote, or yarrow around your house.  Along with having a clean, organic cotton screen, our frames are sanded smooth and left unfinished to enure a clean and natural drying space for your recently collected/harvested herbs.

$40 each

 Compost Sifter

compost sifterHandcrafted from local Ponderosa Pine and 1/2″ galvanizedsteel screen, our compost sifters are a must have for anyone looking to improve their soil.  With a 17″ x 23″ screen and 3.5″ handles, the sifter sits nicely on wheelbarrows so you can easily sift through your compost, extracting most rocks, sticks and other pieces of debris.  Whether you’re a backyard or market gardener, our compost sifters will easily become a great asset to you!  They make sifting through your compost simple, quick and efficient, while helping you create better garden soil for the season to come.

$60.00 each

Hand Harvested Sycamore Garden Dibble

Our four-inch planting dibbles help you transfer plant starts into the ground easily and quickly. Whenever you’re ready to begin planting, simply press the end of the dibble into the garden soil to make a small hole, place the rooted start into the hole, and back-fill the hole with remaining garden soil to secure the start.  Watch the plants grow!  Finished with food-grade mineral oil.

$18.00 each


Hand Harvested Bamboo Garden Seeder/Plant Start Knife

Garden SeedersThese garden seeders help you distribute seeds into start trays or the ground. Using your thumb, comfortably slide seeds down the bamboo shaft and into any hole (on a plug tray or in the ground). Also, you can use this tool as a plant start knife to transfer plant starts into the ground. Slide bamboo shaft around any rooted plug tray plant, wiggle, slide the plant out with the ‘knife’ blade, and transfer to a predetermined hole in the garden. All Bamboo Garden Seeders/Plant Knives are made from hand harvested bamboo, grown locally in Sedona, and processed in small batches when needed.

$16.00, $14.00, $12.00

Sizes currently available: Large, Medium or Small Seeders
Based on the size of seed (ex: corn kernel – Large, lettuce seed – small)
Please specify seeder size when ordering.


Hand Harvested Sycamore Garden Stakes w/ Organic Hemp Guide Line

Pictures coming soon!

$20.00 per set (includes two stakes)
Additional stakes ($12.00)
Sizes available: Large (20ft), Medium (15ft) or Small (10ft)
Please specify size when ordering.


Handcrafted & Recycled Garden Apron

Pictures coming soon!

$30.00 each


Handcrafted & Recycled Chicken Lover Tote Bag

Constructed from recycled Organic chicken feed bags, these durable totes will help you carry your garden harvest into your kitchen, the CSA share home from pick-up, your friend’s sweatshirt that you’ve been meaning to give back and additional surprises throughout the day.

$8.00 each (limited supplies available)


Hand Harvested Grill Knife Or Garden Tool

This multipurpose, handcrafted, sycamore and steel tool will ensure proper grill or garden maintenance. On the patio, you can insert the blade through a grill grate to scrape the underside with ease, slide the blade over the grill surface to dislodge grease buildup, or use as a knife/skewer combo.  In the garden, you can insert the blade into the soil, and simply pull backwards to slice or hook root crowns. This is the ideal cooking/cleaning tool for any grill owner, and is great for gardeners looking to rid the yard of noxious “weeds” or harvest medicinal plants such as puncture vine.

$30.00 each


Handcrafted Kitchen Tongs


When you need to pull a piece of toast out of the toaster or flip a tortilla, you’ll be happy to have these tongs!  Handcrafted from local Ponderosa Pine and finished lightly with food-grade mineral oil.

1 inch width by 1 inch depth, and approximately 10 inches long.

$ 12.00 each



Cholla Bud Harvesting Tongs

The nutrient rich bud of the Cholla cactus is a desert delicacy that most people overlook.  Large purple to yellow flower buds are plucked off in springtime,  just before they open to the world, and are processed before storing away.  Our Cholla bud tongs will allow you to pinpoint your harvest without coming in contact with thorns. Handcrafted from local Ponderosa Pine and finished  lightly with food-grade mineral oil.

1.25 inches width by 1.25 inches depth, and approximately 13 inches long.

$14.00 each


Prickly Pear Tuna Harvesting Tongs

A larger version of the Cholla bud tongs specifically crafted to harvest fruits of the prickly pear cactus.  Handcrafted from local Ponderosa Pine and finished  lightly with food-grade mineral oil.

1.5 inches width by 1.5 inches depth, and approximately 11 inches long.

$16.00 each


Hand Harvested Sycamore Hand Drill


In times of global energy descent, these practical and promising sycamore hand drills are handy for any dweller. With applied pressure, the sharpened tip and thread penetrates woods and other materials smoothly. This is an efficient, non-electric alternative that you should strongly consider. Whether gifted or personally utilized, the hand drill will undoubtedly be cherished.

$25.00 each



Hand Harvested Hair And Shawl Pins



These beaded hair and shawl pins are great for anyone looking to pin a wrap or bun of hair.  Made of hand harvested local woods and recycled beads.

$15 each

If you’re in the Sedona area,  our handcrafted pins can be found at Sedona Knit Wits


Hand Harvested Sycamore Sewing & Knitting Needles

Pictures coming soon!

$15.00 per set (includes 2 needles)


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*** To contact us, please email

*** Most products are finished with light mineral oils, tung oil, or beeswax.

*** Prices do not include Shipping & Handling. Pick-up or delivery preferred within Sedona and the greater Verde Valley.

5 Responses to “TOOLS”

  1. Doug Elliot September 30, 2012 at 1:38 am #

    We got to use our new prickly pear tweezers and munched several of the yummy fruits. It was amazing how few there were but fun to see how many of them we saw in the coon scats. Yup good food for everyone. Thanks for all your good advice about the local area. We had a great time in Sycamore canyon and wet beaver creek. I hope all is well with you all. Doug

    • housemountain September 30, 2012 at 1:42 am #

      Thanks for the update Doug! I’m glad that the tongs came in useful while you were out here in the Verde Valley and since it’s getting late in the “tuna season” there aren’t too many fruits out there, unless you look around long enough :) I’m happy to hear that you were able to find some nonetheless.

      • Sunndt November 21, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

        you could get herbs that are babies and araeldy planted at garden centers at places like lowes or home depot.or you could start with seeds and plant them in some planters with some good soil and some water, with the sun coming it’s perfect time to start one. start with basil, or rosemary. be sure to label all of your pots.

        • housemountain November 21, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

          Thanks for commenting! We currently are starting our own plant starts from organic & heirloom seeds, as well as propagating from what we already have growing in our gardens. All of our seasonal culinary and medicinal plants are available at our booth during the Sedona Farmers Market (12pm to 4pm) or can be picked up from our studio (by request). We will try our best to label our plant starts (with the Latin & common names) :) Have a great day!propagating

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